Thursday, October 17, 2013

To continue or not: that is the question.

I know I haven't dedicated nearly enough time to maintaining this blog, but what I have put in has been heartfelt and sincere, with the purpose always being to keep the spirit of Vic's music alive and in our hearts and minds, and to honor the man who left such an impact on the lives of so many.

My question to you is this? Do you need my assistance to do that?

Honestly, I've had some of the wind taken out of my sails recently, in regards to my role in the Vic community, as well as to this blog. Yet, despite several very generous comments and some unexpected praise in media circles, I am considering hanging it up.

I don't want to, but I also feel somewhat compelled to.

As a result, I've been pondering a few basic questions.

Is this blog a benefit to you (the readers) or is it just the meanderings of a fan boy?
Is it of the caliber and is it interesting enough to warrant repeat visits and enjoyment?
Is it educational and does it serve the purpose that was intended?

I'd love some feedback, please.