Thursday, October 17, 2013

To continue or not: that is the question.

I know I haven't dedicated nearly enough time to maintaining this blog, but what I have put in has been heartfelt and sincere, with the purpose always being to keep the spirit of Vic's music alive and in our hearts and minds, and to honor the man who left such an impact on the lives of so many.

My question to you is this? Do you need my assistance to do that?

Honestly, I've had some of the wind taken out of my sails recently, in regards to my role in the Vic community, as well as to this blog. Yet, despite several very generous comments and some unexpected praise in media circles, I am considering hanging it up.

I don't want to, but I also feel somewhat compelled to.

As a result, I've been pondering a few basic questions.

Is this blog a benefit to you (the readers) or is it just the meanderings of a fan boy?
Is it of the caliber and is it interesting enough to warrant repeat visits and enjoyment?
Is it educational and does it serve the purpose that was intended?

I'd love some feedback, please.


  1. First off, thanks for doing the site. Though the number of posts have waned over time, it doesn't keep me from checking back early and often. When a post shows up, it's like an easter egg, and is worth the wait. For what it's worth, I have a hotlink on the bookmarks toolbar labeled "Debriefing". So, yeah I repeat visit, I repeat read the pages too. As a resource, it was huge when I was doing my Vic tribute several years ago.

    In the end, life gets in the way of doing things that we want to do all of the time. I'd have no hard feelings if you chose to take an extended break, but I hope you choose to forge ahead.

    I hope that you find yourself on the mend from whatever happened in the community.

    "It ain't over til it's over, just like some joker said."

    All the best

  2. You may be a fan boy, but it's some high quality fan boy shit. Keep it up, even if the output slows.

  3. I'll echo what Todd wrote, and further: I check this site at least once a week, and am really happy when there's a new post up here.

    It's my one/favorite spot to reconnect with Vic's music. You've got a unique ability to tap into what made him special.

    So, to answer your questions: yeah, it's definitely a benefit to me; it's of very high calibre, and I do go back and read old posts frequently; I would say it serves its purpose really well... To be honest I wish you would post more frequently. I'd love to read your appreciations of other songs too...

    Maybe someday we can all enjoy a killer studio version of This Cruel Thing together on this site... I wonder if it -- or other lost studio gems -- will ever be issued.

    Keep it up! d.f. (toronto)

  4. hey dude - I get the loneliness of the work. for the record, I look forward to your posts, as they are thoughtful and insightful, and there is little enough good writing about Vic Chesnutt out there. I feel the same way often - like you're speaking into the wind. Here's my advice: don't get rid of what's here, take breaks whenever you feel like it, and count on the fact that there are people out there who will read and value what you do when you feel like doing it. I'm sure VC would have appreciated it, too. Thanks for everything, and stay in touch.
    -jep in toronto

  5. Please keep it going. There is so little info on Vic and his music - even occasional posts are great. I keep wondering about releases of more of Vic's music, but his own website hasn't been updated since before his death. Someone needs to keep the world informed about this stuff. You seem to have an interest and love for it. Don't stop!!

  6. Thought about you a lot this week because of this post. Wrote about it, sort of, today.

  7. I check in irregulalry, but always keep the site in mind and hope you keep it up. Thanks, Chuck.


  8. Great blog. As 8:52 says, "essential". Thanks for the effort and killer out-takes, versions of songs that would otherwise be lost in the vast space of the internet. has limited selections, and my catalog is too short as well. Hope it continues, but whatever the final decision, and heartfelt THANK YOU.

  9. I hope you keep at it. Not enough love for Vic and his
    work out there. Can always count on you for the love

  10. do what you need to do but know you've put together a fantastic and fitting testament to vic's genius and that all previous and future work has been and will be very much appreciated.

    oh and not being able to distribute ALPG 10 after putting all the work in must have been very upsetting - a big loss to the vic community but thanks for trying to make it happen.

  11. hi
    a belated thanks for all the amazing vic material you made listening to Buddha vol 1 right now
    its pretty disgraceful that there has been no official retrospective issued since vic passed away..........
    hoping you can reveal more 'lost'gems in future, so please don't give up on the blog !!
    regards john

  12. Thank you for the good work you do. I still believe that one day a larger audience will somehow discover Vic. On that day you will receive many interview requests. Podcasts at least. Top-tier podcasts, man.

  13. I stumbled upon this site way too late, and I fear you've already "given up the fight" on this one. This is your call, of course, but this is the first and only blog (website, etc) that I have ever joined, and the only one I've ever wanted too, and I can't tell you how amazing these posts are. So I hope this says something. And don't think for a minute this blog is not appreciated, 'cause "there's no way you could be more wrong" Well done!You are amazing.