Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Vic.

Vic would have been 49 today. He is missed.

Here's a little snippet showing just how much fun the man was. (Thanks to my friend Scott for the video.)


Also, thanks for all the kind words regarding this blog. I am decided to keep it active, although I can't promise consistent output.

I will do my best though.


  1. Thanks for the video. Seeing Tommy Larkin and listening to his comments took me back to seeing Vic on one of their tours. The small "listening room" in Birmingham was packed when we showed up. One table left and it was marked reserved. It was clear after we got there that everyone sans myself, my wife and a handful of people were there solely to see Jonathan Richman. I remember my aggravation at having to sit on the floor (fortunately right next to the stage), seeing the one reserved table empty and seeing half of the folks chattering as Vic played. Eventually, I think people began to take notice of Vic. I think the humor had a lot to do with it. He played band camp, girl's say, and actual quote from an actual fan. I'm not sure which was more funny, the Vic and his songs or the reactions. But his humor did win some fans over that night. The table finally filled up about the time Vic was finishing. Ironic that a bunch of funny men themselves missed a great short show. The table occupants: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen, David Koechner among others. Talladega Nights was in production. What a missed opportunity for those funny guys.

  2. Charles, appreciate all your hard work on this

  3. Happy holidays.Thanks for your work on this. This is
    certainly a bittersweet day. But I am glad you decided to
    keep this going.