Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Object With Two Heads" '(Live)- Amazing Little Parlor Games... A Collection of Live and Unreleased Songs- Volume Two, 2005

In 1994, Vic started playing a song entitled "Object With Two Heads." The song was a peculiar little ditty that featured strange lyrics about a two headed dragon, and was performed with his 'Skiffle Group' for a couple of years. The song, it turned out, featured lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, with music arranged and written by Vic.

Ernest Noyes Brookings was a resident of the Duplex nursing home, in Boston. He rose to fame, when the facilities' activities director, David Greenberger, approached him to be involved in a homemade magazine entitled Duplex Planet, which revolved around day to day specifics of the residents of the complex. The zine became a cult classic and Ernest, specifically, became popular among the artistic, poetic types and soon became the subject of several compilation discs that featured his words put to music.

Vic once mentioned, in an interview, that he would like to record this song for one of those comps. I'm not certain if he ever did, but several live recordings exist. I like the song. It's fun, whimsical and, honestly, in stark contrast to Vic's other work from that period. Hopefully, if there is a studio cut, it will be let out of the vault.

Below: David Greenberger and Ernest Noyes Brookings

Further information can be found here:
Here's a live version from Ulm, Germany, 8/17/95

Lyrics below reproduced from Duplex Planet No.73


  1. I love that little rather evil chuckle he does after 'i will not scare you.' Interesting post, thanks as always.

  2. i remember when i finally heard this song after getting a boot of the '97 WFMU Music Faucet sessions. in Dec '96 Vic played it at the 400 Bar here in Minneapolis, one of three minneapolis shows i missed in 16 years and then found a setlist for online. that title alone filled me with extra regret. Charles, were you at the knitting factory shows in nyc in '99? it seems to me we met.

  3. Hey Jasom,

    I wasn't at the '99 Knitting Factory shows, but I do have them on DVD so I feel like I was there. Haha. Not sure if we ever met, honestly. Perhaps. I will be attending the tribute shows next week in Athens, If you are there, feel free to come over and say hi.