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"Hey Bulldog", Buddha in A Raincoat- Volume 3, 2005 Fan Project

Apart from the live Amazing Little Parlor Games sets that I compiled over the years, I also offered a series called Buddha in A Raincoat. The focus of that series was to make available studio tracks, covers and collaborations of Vic's songs that didn't appear on his official releases. Now in it's sixth volume, 114 tracks have been made available via this series.

Included here is one of those tracks. It's a cool cover that Vic made in his attic studio sometime in the mid-2000s. He put it up, on his old website, as a free download, along with a plethora of other various demos and outtakes. It's a real treat to listen to Vic cover a song by one of his favorite bands.

The Beatles version was recorded in 1968, and original appeared on the album Yellow Submarine. Their version, an accidental classic if you will, is a bit more lively, eccentric and 'fab' than Vic's. The original take (entitled You Can Talk To Me) just featured John Lennon on piano and isn't too dissimilar, however. John Lennon wrote the lyrics and the band fleshed the song out in the studio, in just one evening. Lyrically, its a tour de force of lunacy, yet still profound. I love the lyric, "Some kind of solitude is measured out in you" and the line seems somehow fitting in Vic's life.

Vic once referred to the Beatles as his only friends while growing up in Pike County, Georgia. It's not hard to understand that he would have been influenced by the songwriting of Lennon and McCartney. They wrote catchy songs, had amazing lyrics and the vocal structures are very detailed and unique. Hey Bulldog has been characterised as having "lyrical impressionism." In other words, the song focuses on atmosphere and suggestions, rather than focusing on story lines and emotion. Some of Vic's lyrics revolve around that same idea, especially on some more reason albums.

I love the tone and the atmosphere on Vic's cover. It's very simple, yet affective...and very haunting. I would have liked to hear him tackle some other Beatles classics in the studio as well, but I'm more than content with having just this one.

Here's Vic's version:

And the version by the Fab Four:


Sheep dog standing in the rain
Bull grog doing it again
Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles
What make you think you're something special when you smile
Childlike no on understand
Jack knife in your sweaty hands
Some kind of innocence is measured out in years
You don't know what it's like to listen to you fears
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
If you're lonely, you can talk to me
Big man walking in the park
Wigwam frightened of the dark
Some kind of solitude is measured out in you
You think you know but you haven't got a clue
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
If you're lonely, you can talk to me
Hey Bulldog


  1. I love this. I really love how he made the songs he covered totally over, totally his own. I suppose it's tacky to inquire if any of those volumes you lovingly put together are still available? I was late, not to Vic but to the recreational use of the computer, and to finding people who had similar interests to mine online. Anyway, thanks for posting this.
    I'm really grateful you're doing this.

  2. Much like Vic, I really thought of the Beatles as my only friends when I was a kid up into my teenage years. Those lyrics are really amazing written out. Thank you for posting Vic's version!

  3. I have to say, don’t like that cover version, but then I also don’t like the original ;). When it comes to cover versions (studio and live), I was sometimes puzzled by his choice of songs. I know he was a bit ambivalent when it came to Dylan, but why Jokerman? Even I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine and Buckets of Rain don’t seem like obvious choices. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues on the other hand is great, it feels very personal and more piercing than the original.
    In general the most impressive for me is probably Come Into My World. First the idea that he would cover Kylie Minogue of all people is hilarious and then how much better the song sounds in his version. Maybe that one makes it onto your blog one day too :)

  4. Interesting points, Kathi. I have always liked obscure cover versions, so I guess that's why I've always liked Vic's choices.

    Its funny that you mention that Kylie Minogue song...I had planned on blogging on it in the next few weeks. And you are correct...Vic's version is so much better than Kylie's version.

  5. Thanks for your blog. Vic's work will continue to travel and resonate, and your site is a beautiful tribute. Are your compilations still available?

  6. i recall a thread on the mailing list years ago asking what songs would you like to hear Vic cover. Someone suggested Crazy Train, which i've always wanted to hear since. Any Sonic Youth song, "The Creature With The Atom Brain" by Roky Erickson, "The Gnome" by Pink Floyd. Countless others. Every time i hear a shitty song, i entertain myself with an imagined Vic version.

  7. Dear Charles Fontaine - thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the art and music of the late great Vic Chesnutt in this time of grief. I have been following this blog since you set it up a month ago and I must ask you a question you must be getting a lot: is it possible to purchase copies of Amazing Little Parlor Games and Buddha In A Raincoat from you? If not, or in the mean time, as a teaser, could you give us tracklistings to these two series?
    And while we're at it, could you tell us about Vic's work for the Larry Brown documentary and most of all, a project I've read very little about, 2000's Josiah Meigs and me song cycle for puppets (any idea what songs were used or written for this project)? Thank you.

  8. Hope Charles doesn’t mind me answering this :) Here is a setlist for the Josiah Meigs and me play (hopefully accurate):
    Introduction, In Loving Memory of J.R.S., "A Letter From Li Po", Independent Bookstore, It’s An Interesting Story, Yankee From Connecticut, Instrumental, Private Picture Show, Following Footnotes, Conjunctions of Coincidence, Signature and a Silhouette, 3-D Billiards, Comparison and Contrast, My Father, Flying, Honest Men, Big Absurd Suits of Glory, It is Changed, Outtro
    The compilations are available via CDR trading. Selling is evil in the trading world ;) And would be illegal I assume.

  9. Hey Paul, et al,

    Thanks for the comments. I will be focusing on songs from the 'Josiah Meigs' shows in the near future and might possiby also provide some video clips. It was a fantastic intimate performance with Vic in fine 'storyteller' mode and a phenomenal stage presentation.

    As for the compilations... I am currently working on a revision of the 'Parlor Games' series, to remove songs that Vic finally did release... and to add songs that I've compiled since the last volume. I've attached the setlists below. Once the revision is finished, then I will make them available again, probably as a download or via snail mail. Not quite certain yet.

    Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. I'm sorry for the infrequency in which I post, and I promise to step it up to a more daily basis.


  10. -Vic Chesnutt Buddha in a Raincoat… A Compilation Of Rarities
    Disc One
    1. Panic Pure (w/ Kristin Hersh)(Live)
    2. Vic Interview
    3. What A Wonderful World (w/ Victoria Williams)(Live)
    4. God Is Good (w/ Victoria Williams)(Live)
    5. Everybody Can Change (Live on KCRW Radio)
    6. Where’s That At (w/ Tina Chesnutt)(Rainer Ptacek cover)
    7. Scorpion Departs But Never Returns (Phil Ochs cover)
    8. Flowers On The Wall (Statler Brothers Cover)
    9. End Of The World As We Know It (and I feel fine) (R.E.M. Cover) (Performed as ‘Vicious Vic Chestnutt’)
    10. White Christmas (Bing Crosby Cover)
    11. Injured Bird (w/ Michael Stipe)
    12. Weed (To The Rescue)
    13. Aunt Avis (w/ Widespread Panic)
    14. The Parishoners (w/ Jack Logan)
    15. Sunshine (w/ Mark Linkous)
    16. Preponderance (Original Explicit Version)
    17. All Grown Up (w/ Jack Logan)
    18. Diving Deeper (w/ Jack Logan)
    19. Pearl Of Them All (w/ Jack Logan)
    20. Isadora Duncan (as performed by Jolene)

    -Vic Chesnutt Buddha in a Raincoat… A Compilation
    Disc Two
    1. Plagiarism
    2. How Can I Face Tomorrow?
    3. Everybody Has A Pouch
    4. Backsliding Deist’s Prayer
    5. Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Vicki Lawrence cover)
    6. Rank Stranger (Mac Weisman Cover)
    7. Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan Cover)
    8. Consumation (w/ Dashboard Saviors)
    9. Brother Shiloh Collins (w/ Dashboard Saviors)
    10. Alison (Elvis Costello Cover)(w/ Jack Logan, Kelly Keneipp, Nikki Keneipp)
    11. Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons Cover) (w/ Bob Mould)
    12. Your Glass Eye (w/ Jerry Joseph)
    13. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad
    14. Goodbye Sadness (Yoko Ono Cover)
    15. The Foxx and Little Vic
    16. What I’ve Got
    17. Degenerate
    18. The Doris Days (w/Tom Leach)
    19. Old Hotel
    20. Betty Lonely

    -Vic Chesnutt Buddha in a Raincoat… A Compilation
    Disc Three
    1. Like A Monkey In A Zoo (Daniel Johnston Cover)
    2. This Cruel Thing (as performed by Guy Ritchie)
    3. Sad Peter Pan (Live)
    4. Hey Bulldog (Beatles Cover)
    5. Escalator (w/Slang)
    6. Supernatural (as performed by Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE.)
    7. Pulaski (w/ Ben Mize)
    8. Giupetto (as Performed by Mary Karlzen)
    9. Lagoon (w/ Barbara Cue)
    10. Where Were You (w/ M. Ward)
    11. A Classico Reprise (w/ Giant Sand and Henriette Sennenvalt)
    12. Walking With The Beggar Boys (w/Elf Power)
    13. Dodge (as Performed by dog's eye view)
    14. Barber St. (w/ Ben Mize)
    15. Way It Goes (w/ M.Ward and Howe Gelb)
    16. Soft Picasso (as Perfromed by Kelly Hogan)
    17. Zippy Morocco (Demo)
    18. Kick My Ass (as performed by Garbage)
    19. One Of Many (as Perfomed by Stevie Smith)
    20. Girls Say (Demo) < from>
    21. Plunger (w/ the Titty Twisters {Featuring Dwight Yoakam, Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret., Mickey Jones And Ian Moore})

  11. -Vic Chesnutt Buddha in a Raincoat… A Compilation
    Disc Four
    1. Miss Prissy (as Performed by Lambchop)
    2. Sal Paradise (w/Dashboard Saviors)
    3. See You Around (w/ Terry Lee Hale)
    4. 2nd Floor (Demo)
    5. Withering (as Performed by Cracker)
    6. Wren's Nest (Demo)
    7. My Last Act (w/ Widespread Panic)
    8. Band Camp (Live)
    9. Emily Post (aka I'm Through) (as Perfomed by Where's Anita?)
    10. Sultan So Mighty (Demo)
    11. Big Boat (w/ M.Ward)
    12. 'Moment of Inspiration'
    13. Betty Lonely (as Perfomed by Caesar)
    14. Little Toes (w/ Terry Lee Hale)(Vic on Kazoo)
    15. Home on The Range
    16. Someday (w/Liz Durrett)(Sondheim/Bernstein cover)
    17. Gravity Of The Situation (As Perfromed Live with the Sweet Relief All-Stars)

    -Vic Chesnutt Buddha in a Raincoat… A Compilation
    Disc Five
    1. Yesterday Tomorrow & Today
    2. She Doesn't Exist (Robyn Hitchcock Cover)
    3. Expiration Day (as performed by Widespread Panic)
    4. Curtains of Heaven (by Sleepy Carter{Vic's Grandfather})
    5. I Melt With You (Modern English Cover)
    6. You're So Vain (Live)(w/ Giant Sand)
    7. Sad Peter Pan (as Performed by Golden Smog)
    8. Ladle (Live)
    9. Swelters
    10. Guilty By Association (as Performed by Christine Fellows)
    11. Duty Free (Outtake)(w/ Lambchop)
    12. Unlike Joni Mitchell (Live)
    13. Somebody Else (w/Todd McBride)
    14. Actual Quote From Actual Fan (Would You Sign My i-pod?)(Home Demo)

    15. IRAQ (Home Demo)
    16. The Garden (Demo)
    17. Ghetto Bells (Outtake)

    Buddha In A Raincoat... a Compilation
    Disc Six
    1. Soothsayer
    2. In My Way, Yes (Alternate version)
    3. Have You Ever Been Mellow? (Olivia Newton-John cover)
    4. Tunnel (Demo)(aka 'It's No Secret (Satisfaction)')
    5. Until The Led (Live)(w/ Lambchop)
    6. He's Not The Man (w/ The Wild Gumbo)
    8. Robots (Live)
    9. Society, Society
    10. Withering (Live at the 40 Watt)(w/ Elf Power)
    11. Data
    12. You Still Believe In Me (Beach Boys cover)
    14. IRAQ (Live)(w/ Undertow Orchestra)
    15. Stretch It Out
    16. Rock n Roll Story (Interview)
    18. I am Judas Iscariot (Live).
    19. What He Ain't and Is

  12. Amazing Little Parlor Games... A Collection of Live and Unreleased Songs

    Disc One
    1. Is the Actor Happy?- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/16/99
    2. Got Me Me- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/16/99
    3. Rapture- Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR, 1/27/04
    4. Town Crier (Jack Logan cover)- Uptown, Minneapolis, MN. 9/22/94
    5. Push Push Push- The Mint, Los Angeles, 11/16/99
    6. Salt and Pepper Life- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/17/99
    7. Fodder On Her Wings (Nina Simone cover)- Turf Club, St. Paul, MN, 4/21/03
    8. Great Governess- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/17/99
    9. Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot cover)- Electric Lounge, Dallas, TX, 10/2/95
    10. Sugar Daddy- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/17/99
    11. Lagoon- Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV, 3/10/96
    12. Debriefing- Unknown Radio Show, Atlanta, GA, 1998
    13. Practice Makes Perfect- Stiltskins, Sioux Falls, SD, 11/18/92
    14. Boston Blackey- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/16/99
    15. Poor Little Jesus- BBC-Radcliffe Sessions, London, UK, 12/9/96
    16. Mr. Smartypants- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/16/99
    17. Zippy Morocco (Early Version)- Stiltskins, Sioux Falls, SD, 11/18/92
    18. I'm Proud Of You (You've Done It)- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 9/11/04

    Disc Two
    1. Little Pink Boy- Alladin Theater, Portland, OR, 1/27/04
    2. Eat And Learn- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 12/13/03
    3. Unlike Joni Mitchell- Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI, 4/14/99
    4. Opened Up- 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN, 12/4/99
    5. Like Timothy Leary- Schuba's, Chicago, IL, 12/9/99
    6. Object With Two Heads (Ernest Noyes Brookings cover) Büchsenstadel, Ulm, Germany, 8/17/95
    7. Drunk Electrician- Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, 3/13/00
    8. Beauty Is As Beauty Does- Little Brother's, Columbus, OH, 7/26/03
    9. Vesuvius- Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, 2/15/02
    10. Ton By Ton- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 2/15/98
    11. Miss Prissy- FM4, Vienna, Austria, 2/17/97
    12. Bust A Nut- Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, 2/15/02
    13. Wash Her Hair- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 2/15/98
    14. Great Potential- Grey Eagle Tavern, Asheville, NC, 7/18/99

    Disc Three
    1. Nucleus- Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, 2/15/02
    2. Don't Take Her (She's All I've Got) (Johnny Paycheck cover)- 40 Watt
    Club, Athens, GA, 7/24/96
    3. Ignorant People- Schuba's, Chicago, IL, 12/9/99
    4. Thirteen Stages- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 2/15/98
    5. Forthright- Old Music Hall, Madison, WI, 5/20/00
    6. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (Waylon Jennings cover)- Uptown,Minneapolis, MN. 9/22/94
    7. Worst Friend In The World- Blue Cat's, Knoxville, TN, 10/21/04
    8. Wussy- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 12/13/03
    9. Portrait- Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, 2/15/02
    10. Virginia- NPR, Weekend Edition, Washington, DC, 8/03
    11. On Paper- KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, 5/22/91
    12. The Moon Is Practically Hidden- KCRW, Santa Monica, CA, 5/22/91
    13. Rational Man- Uptown, Minneapolis, MN, 6/9/92
    14. Fucking Is Important- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 3/29/01
    15. Cocks And Weenies-400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN, 12/4/99
    16. Hero- Uptown, Minneapolis, MN, 6/9/92

  13. Disc Four
    1. Dirty Dog- Under The Street, Durham, NC, 2/2/93
    2. Garden Party (Ricky Nelson cover)- Georgia Theater, Athens, GA 1/27/00 (with Brute)
    3. This Cruel Thing- Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA- 3/17/00
    4. Cushy Laurels- Park West, Chicago, IL, 5/18/00
    5. Cat's Cradle, Carburro, NC, 3/11/97
    6. Cock-a-Doodle Dee- Uptown, Minneapolis, MN, 6/9/94
    7. Boys In The Backroom (Marlene Dietrich cover)-VARA Radio, Netherlands, 3/19/94
    8. Every Little Thing- Uptown, Minneapolis, MN, 6/9/94
    9. Rainy Night In Georgia (Brooks Benton cover)- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/17/99 (with Dave Phillips)
    10. Backsliding Deist's Prayer- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 12/13/03
    11. Daddy's Little Dandy- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 10/17/92
    12. Beyond Belief (Elvis Costello cover)- Exit/In, Nashville, TN, 2/26/99 (with Lambchop)
    13. Sultan So Mighty (Early Version)- The Mint, Los Angeles, CA, 11/16/99
    14. Rumors, Remedies and Ruminations- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 10/17/92
    15. The Garden- Grey Eagle Tavern, Asheville, NC, 3/19/00

    Disc Five:
    1. Warm- Park West, Chicago 5/18/00
    2. Mezzanine- KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, CA 10/13/95
    3. Fishin' For Compliments (Improv)- Knitting Factory, New York, NY 7/14/99
    4. Horrible Hipster Hangout- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA 1/18/94 (w/ The La-Di-Das
    5. It Is What It Is- Munich, Germany 5/31/05
    6. Fidgety Boy- KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, CA 10/13/95
    7. All I've Got To Do (Beatles cover)- 40 Watt Clubm Athens, GA 4/29/01 (w/ Barbara Cue)
    8. Witchita Lineman (Glen Campbell cover)- KCRW FM, Santa Monica, CA, 5/22/91 (w/ Bob Mould)
    9. Bye Bye Blacksheep- Hannover, Germany 8/12/94
    10. Ooh Las Vegas (Gram Parsons cover)- -40 Watt, Athens, GA, (“Beat Bush Bash”) 10/17/92
    11. Bilocating Dog- Barbican Hall, London, England ("Beyond Nashville"), 11/3/2001
    12. Have You Never Been Mellow (Olivia Newton-John cover)- High-Hat Club, Athens, GA 8/16/97 (w/Brute)
    13. Sautering Gun- Knitting Factory, New York, NY 7/14/99
    14. Big Absurd Suits Of Glory- St. Anne's Wherehouse, Brooklyn, NY ("Josiah Meigs and Me")11/17/01
    15. Pencil Dick (Improv)- Kendall Café, Cambridge, MA 7/21/03
    16. Holly Jolly Christmas-40 Watt Club, Athens, GA ("40 Watt X-mas Party") 12/13/03 (with Breck Steele)
    17. Hang On Sloopy (McCoy's Cover)- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA 10/18/04

  14. Disc Six:

    1. Phil The Fiddler-40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 1/23/06 ('Music Road' TV Program)
    2. Delta Dawn (Tanya Tucker cover)- CBGBs, New York, New York, 6/11/93 (w/ Giant Sand)
    3. The Pool- 40 Watt, Athens, GA, 2/8/06 (w/ Undertow Orchestra)
    4. Robots- Mound City Music Fest, St. Louis, MO, 12/10/05
    5. Private Picture Show- St. Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY ("Josiah Meigs and Me")11/17/01
    6. I Am Judas Iscariot- Belcourt Theater, Nashville, TN, 2/28/06 (w/ Undertow Orchestra)
    7. Joy Without Pleasure (Daniel Johnston cover)- Barbican Hall, London, England, 4/14/06
    9. Psychetrist Song- CBGBs, New York, New York, 6/11/93 (w/ Giant Sand)
    9. Whatever The Reason- Mound City Music Fest, St. Louis, MO, 12/10/05
    10. Vibratile Nerves- Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, 10/6/05
    11. Independent Bookstore- St. Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY ("Josiah Meigs and Me")11/17/01
    12.Over- Mound City Music Fest, St. Louis, MO, 12/10/05
    13. Tuna Ketchup (Daniel Johnston cover)- Barbican Hall, London, England, 4/14/06
    14. 3-D Billiards- St. Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY ("Josiah Meigs and Me")11/17/01
    15. Minotaur- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 12/16/06

    Disc Seven:

    1. Great Going- The Basement, Nashville, TN, 10/13/07
    2. Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell cover)- KCPR Radio 1993
    2. Nothing's Happening- 40 Watt, Athens, GA, 12/16/06
    3. Continence Rome- Fordham University, Bronx, NY, 5/9/07
    4. Robert Wyatt- 40 Watt, Athens, GA, 3/1/08
    5. Beady Blue Eyes- 40 Watt, Athens, GA, 6/11/07
    6. Ruby Tuesday (Melanie cover)- Registratur, Munich, Germany, 11/3/07
    7. Granny- Neu Club, Madrid, Spain, 9/16/08
    8. D.C.R.W. (cover)- 40 Watt, Athens, GA 2/2/08
    9. Best Show I've Ever Seen- The Earl, Atlanta, GA, 10/20/07
    10. Cut and Run- The Earl, Atlanta, GA, 3/2/08
    11. Angry Man- Club Congress, Tuscon, Arizona, 9/9/06
    12. Shrewd Politician- Cat's Cradle, Carrborro, NC, 11/29/95
    13. Courage Of The Coward- Gartenbaukino, Vienna, Austria, 11/02/07
    14. Lean On Me (Ben E. King cover)- 40 Watt, Athens, GA, 2/2/08
    15. The Passenger- 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, 10/18/07
    Some titles assumed.

  15. Dear Kathi and Charles - thank you so much to both of you for coming back to me so quickly. Can't wait to start CDR trading, just imagine, there's 14 CDs worth of listening for me to catch up with. All the best and thanks again.

  16. Hey Charles, I can't believe I only just noticed that, but the tracklisting on Amazing Little Parlor Games, disc 2 appears to be wrong! The disc actually has 15 songs instead of the 14 listed. I believe Track 8 is the wildcard - wedged between Drunk Electrician (track 7) and Beauty Is As Beauty Does (which thus becomes track 9)... It only took me six years to spot that one... Hope you're well --Franck

  17. Mr. Fontaine,

    I'm not sure if your blog is still active, but I'd love to hear the Vic compilations you have put together. Not sure if you're distributing them or not ...

  18. Hey my names Jefrey, writing from Australia, would love to get ahold of these collections, I'd treasure them. Please if someone could drop me a line I'd be indebted!

  19. I also, am very interested in obtaining these comps. I hope we can work something out. Let me know if theres anything I can do to help. I think if enough people want these, we can pull our resources together we can make this happen. Please Charles, I know it will probably take up a big chunk but maybe like a weekly or monthly post with links to download or cdrs through the mail would be great. I'll pay for discs and shipping. Let me know.

    Ryan Z.

  20. one more very keen would-be listener here, the recent anniversary has sent me off in search of unheard vic and this looks fantastic - if there's any prospect of downloads or a distribution tree i'm right there!

  21. I am listening my way thru the Amazing Little Parlor Games set and loving it. I am the original source of the "Beat Bush Bash" tapes, BTW. Is there any way of me getting a repost of the Buddha In A Raincoat set??

    1. Hi Chris.

      Email me (

      Thanks for recording Vic all those years ago, btw.


    2. Hi Charles,
      I've just discovered this site. WOW. What a job you have done. I've lived in Athens since 1989 and was quickly turned on to Mr. Chestnut and have been a huge fan ever since. I miss him so much. My wife used to go to the High Hat and the 40 Watt shows religiously.
      Question: Where can I download your wonderful compilations? If I cannot download them, is there another way I can get them. I must have them as they look absolutely amazing. I'm sure it was a lot of work pulling them all together. However, it was obviously a labor of love. Thanks so much for this blog and for keeping Vic's music (and spirit) alive and well.


      P.S. If anyone else happens to read this and can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    3. Hi Lee. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the nice comments.

      Message me directly at

  22. Hi: Really enjoyed the ALPG downloads, He was a really amazing songwriter. Thanks!! It's a really nice tribute.

  23. hi Charles
    its been a while, I trust you are well
    are you familiar with a cd released by vic on his 2003 tour ?
    see on this link

    are these live tracks from 2002 to be found amongst your buddah volumes ?
    if not do you have it?

    1. Hi John.

      Yes, i do have that Live Tour CD (in fact the photo on Discogs is mine.) I did include 1 song (Mighty Monkeuy) and 1 banter section from it into the Buddha series.

      I hope this answers your question. If not feel free to email me (


  24. Hello Charles, Is there any chance at all of reposting the links to the Buddha in a Raincoat compilations? I've had a terrible calamity with a hard drive which means that they've all disappeared. Amazing Little Parlor Games are all safe thankfully. Thank you v much. best wishes, Mick